The child is taken on a musical journey which introduces them to fun characters and musical concepts that are reinforced at first unconsciously, then with each step up in age become more conscious until the child has all the basic skills necessary to start playing an instrument, if they so wish. Whilst preparing children for playing instruments is important enough the method also encourages good singing and indeed the core repertoire, which is unique, lends itself beautifully to part singing.

Importantly voice tunes with voice and the sounds are recreated from within the child and not, supposedly, supported by a piano which has tempered tuning and a timbre with which young children find difficult to identify. Around the core Colourstrings songs many other more familiar rhymes and Folksongs are used. There is a huge emphasis on circle games. These are essential for socializing and developing fine and gross motor skills, patience and turn taking.

It is important that the classes are fun, engaging and thoughtful. Each session will have a musical concept and Theme and the lessons are planned meticulously.

The classes are taken in age groups, babies, 8 months - 2, 2-3, 3-4 and generally last between 30 and 40 minutes. Up to 3 years of age a parent or carer would attend and support, after that children can then be left in class.

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The same unique core repertoire is used throughout but the focus changes. Up to 3 years the experiences are all unconscious.

There is an emphasis on physicalising pulse and rhythm and cross lateral co-ordination is worked on as well. At 4 years the musical concepts become half-conscious and from 4-5 years they are made fully conscious, but only if the previous stages are well prepared.

Music is very effective for children with special needs and I would encourage involvement of all children. The activities can be tailored to suit all requirements and if anyone is interested please phone me to discuss this further. There has been much positive research into the therapeutic use of music.

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“The contribution that Colourstrings makes to early years education has been invaluable…the part that Colourstrings will play in the future is of vital importance to the cultural life of this country”
Nicolas Chisholm, Headmaster,
The Yehudi Menhuin School

“Colourstrings is an exceptional method in the training of young musicians and I have yet to experience a more successful approach to the development of musicianship, aural awareness and solid musical principles in the very young.
Derek Aviss,
Trinity College of Music

“Colourstrings is simply an outstanding education in itself. The founders and teachers have recognised that fundamentally all human beings are born musical, and that this natural ability can be easily harnessed for the benefit of society and the individual.

Every child going through colourstrings acquires an acute ear and makes rapid progress on their chosen instrument., as well as singing in tune and performing confidently in public. The Colourstrings method is making a significant contribution to the lives of hundreds of young musicians “
Jonathan Haswell, Producer,
BBC Classical Music TV and Colourstrings Parent